Advertising Rate Card for Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff News
Advertising Rate Card for Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff Pet Owner Newsletter from
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Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff is's twice monthly newsletter that goes out to over 4,000 pet owner and pet lovers. These are people concerned with providing the best

Each issue contains 6 articles and covers topics ranging from animal health news, industry trends, new technologies, animal oddities and humor. The newsletter currently goes out each Wednesday (except holidays).

We feature 5 banner ads following each article, one tower ad on the left and 3 smaller button ads on the right bottom. Each issue also features 3 or 4 text only sponsorship messages at the bottom of each newsletter.

To see a sample issue of Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff Newsletter, click HERE.

Advertising Rates

Banner Ads, main body of VNPNS Newsletter

All banner ads measure 480 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.

Click here to see examples of different banner ad sizes

All rates quoted in US dollars CPM gross
(cost per 1000 subscribers)
First Position
After first article
Second Position
After 2nd article
Third Position
After 3rd article
Fourth Position
After 4th article
Fifth Position
After 5th article
$35 cpm $30 cpm $26 cpm $23 cpm $20 cpm

Banner Ads, right column of VNPNS Newsletter

Tower banner ads measure 245 pixels high by 125 pixels wide. Button banners are 125 pixels by 125 pixels.

Click here to see examples of different banner ad sizes

All rates quoted in US dollars CPM gross
(cost per 1000 subscribers)
Tower Banner
After welcome message
Button Banner 1st Position
After joke
Button Banner 2nd Position
After 1st BB
Button Banner 34d Position
After 2nd BB
Button Banner 4th Position
After 3rd BB
$80 per issue $75 per issue $70 per issue $65 per issue $50 per issue

To calculate the payment, multiply the projected number of subscribers (in thousands) times the rate (CPM).

For example, with an approximate circulation of 15,000 subscribers, a First Position Banner Ad would cost $525 (15 x $35= $525)

Text Ads
At the end of each Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff Newsletter we have a section of 2 to 3 line text-only ads. These ads can be a cost effective way of getting your message out to your audience.
All text-only ads are a maximum of 65 characters per line and can be up to 3 lines in length. First position text ad Second position text ad Third position text ad Fourth position text ad
$60 per issue $50 per issue $45 per issue $40 per issue

Discounts and Specials

We offer discounts for multiple insertions in the same newsletter as well as combined discounts for advertising in more than one of our publications.

Please click HERE to see samples, discounts and other advertising specials currently being offered.

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