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  • Allergies
  • Allergic Problems for Cats
  • A collection of allergic causes in cats and advice on what to do for them.

  • Omega Fatty Acids Provide Relief for Allergic Pets
  • An article discussing the importance of omega fatty acids for allergic pets.

  • Pet Allergies article - Drs. Foster and Smith

  • Pet Allergy Overview
  • This is an excellent article about allergic pets, some of the causes and treatments.

  • Veterinary NAET
  • Veterinary NAET: The Veterinary Application Of NAET; Allergy Resolution in Animals, NAET offers an energy-medicine solution to allergic conditions combining Chinese medicine principles applied through acupuncture, kinesiology and acupressure.

    Animal Communication
  • Animal Communication FAQs
  • Questions answered about animal communication from famed Animal Communicator, Charlene Boyd

    Buying A New Pet
  • -Questions To Ask Before Buying Your New Pet
  • Excellent article for parents and children to read when choosing a new pet member of the family.

  • Puppies, kitties and pets for seniors
  • A good article about new pet ownership. Some good things to think about when deciding what type of pet to get as a senior.

  • Take note of breed, living conditions when choosing a cat or dog
  • Some good advice on steps to take when buying a new pet, including cost of ownership from CNN and Money.

    Dog Blogs/Lists
  • I Love Dogs forums
  • Dog, Dogs, Canine Wonderland! - Discover all you could ever want to know about dogs, get lots of free dog stuff, and interact with dog owners from around the world in our informative dog forums at!

  • A Trip To The Pet Emergency Hospital
  • What to expect when you take your pet to an emergency hospital along with some suggestions to make the trip easier for you and your pet.

  • First Aid Kit for Pets
  • This article gives a good checklist for assembling a first aid kit to have on hand for pet emergencies.

  • First Aid That Can Save Your Pet's Life
  • A guide in handling emergency situations such as wounds, broken bones, internal injuries, poisioning, etc.

  • Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Pets
  • A suggested plan to have ready to safeguard your pets in the event of a hurricane.

  • Pet CPR
  • Pet CPR & First Aid Taken from Rescue Critters,, makers of animal training mannequins and is a simple breakdown of dog & cat CPR. It's written for the average pet owner and in plain language.

  • When to get help for your pet
  • A guide for deciding whether you have an emergency to handle or not.

  • Adrenal Disease in Ferrets
  • A question and answer article explaining the symptoms and what to do when your ferret exhibits some of these symptoms from Dr. David Crum of Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services.

  • Insulinoma in Ferrets
  • An article which explains what insulinoma in ferrets is and what can be done to handle it, from David Crum, DVM of

    Flea And Tick Control
  • Natural flea and insect repellent
  • An all natural recipe for a spray that repels fleas and ticks and also leaves your pet's coat shiny and smelling great.

  • Selecting Effective Flea And Tick Control

  • What You Should Know About Flea and Tick Products
  • A good article from the Humane Society

    Holistic Pet Care
  • Always Healthy People and Pets
  • A website chock full of natural pet health tips, blogs and other pet and people resources.

  • Holistic Care For Our Animal Companions
  • by Dr. Larry A. Bernstein Introduction to Holistic Care For Your Animal Companion

  • The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pets
  • Soothing Hands are Not Just for People by Kim Shotola The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pets is an article that gives an excellent history and discussion of using massage therapy to improve the well being of an animal.

  • Veterinary Medicine Internet Resources
  • Extensive Holistic & Homeopathic Veterinary links

  • WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY? by Gloria Dodd, DVM A good overview of pet homeopathy

    House Call Veterinarians
  • Is a House Call Vet Right for you and your pet?
  • This is an article to help pet owners decide if a House Call Vet is right for them. It covers what a house call vet is and the pros and cons of having this type of vet for your pet.

    Pet Health & Nutrition
  • Creating a diet for your dog

  • Feline Arthritis
  • A good article on what feline arthritis is.

  • Healthy habits for a healthy pet
  • From the College of Veterinary Medicine, how healthy habits can keep you and your pet healthy too!

  • Pet Discount Drugs
  • You can save up to 85% on medications for your pet with our discount card. Just have your veterinarian hand write the prescription and take it to your pharmacy.

    Pet Safety Tips
  • Halloween Tips for Your Pet
  • This article covers steps you can take during Halloween to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy.

    Pets With Disabilities
  • Pets with disabilities
  • Disabled Pets Resources and Stories

    Problem Behavior In Cats
  • Cat Behavior Training

  • Articles on Cat Behavior at Drs. Foster and Smith

  • Cats International Articles re: Cat Behavior
  • An excellent collection of feline behavior articles

  • Problem Behaviors in Cats
  • by Cindy Tittle Moore

  • Caring for Green Iguanas
  • A veterinarians advice on caring for green iguanas and what to do and what to avoid.

  • Pet Lizard Conditions and Syndromes
  • This is a clinical paper for veterinarians with a reference for the most common problems seen in common species or groups of lizards.

  • Veterinary Management of Old World Chameleons
  • A veterinary article on the health and care of Chameleons that contains items of interest for the chameleon owner as well. Written by Dr. Stahl of Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services in Virginia.

    Spaying And Neutering
  • Spaying and Neutering your Pet, information resources
  • Many informational resources on the subject of spaying and neutering.

  • Government information on domestic and international travel with your pet,
  • Government rules and regulations for international and state-to-state travel with your pet.

  • How to travel safely with your dog
  • Fun and informative article on safely traveling with fido.

  • Traveling with your cat
  • Very good, sometimes funny, article on the best ways to prepare your cat for traveling.

  • Traveling with your dog -
  • Things to consider when you are planning a trip with your dog.

  • Traveling with your Pet, from the AVMA
  • American Veterinary Medical Association's article on what to do when you travel with your pet.

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