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Our website and our two newsletters, Pet News for Pet Owners and PetPro News for Pet Professionals, provide excellent opportunities for you to get your message out to those people who need to see it.

Whether you are working with a large marketing budget or a small one, and whether you are a national company or only target local pet owners or professionals, has an advertising solution that will fit your needs.

We offer advertising opportunities in the following areas:

  • website, Pet Owner areas. This would include banner ads and text ads that are aimed at the pet owner and pet lover. Areas of display range from home page displays, advanced search, holistic/alternative, emergency, resource library and search results.
    Click HERE for an advertising rate card for Pet Owner Areas.
  • Pet Professionals areas. Our Pet Professionals areas of our site include our Pet Pro Admin pages, PetPro News articles pages and the main Pet Professionals Only page (also accessible by pet owners).
    Click HERE for an advertising rate card for Pet Professionals Only areas.
  • Holistic & Alternative Pet Health Care area. Our Holistic & Alternative Pet Pros Directory is a very popular destination for pet owners seeking alternative or complimentary health treatments for their pets. gets thousands of pet owners visiting this directory every month.
    Click HERE for an advertising rate card for Holistic & Alternative Pet Professionals Directory.
  • Pet News is's weekly newsletter to Pet Owners. The newsletter is a mix of stories, pet health news, new product reviews, and money saving links.
    Click HERE for an advertising rate card for Pet News Newsletter for Pet Owners.
  • PetPro News for Pet Professionals is our weekly newsletter for pet professionals. Each newsletter contains 6 news items of interest to our readers. The news items range in subject from pet medical news, trends, technology, humor, oddities and our perspective based on customer service requests we get. Each issue also contains the 10 most popular search keywords from Pet Owners that week.
    Click HERE for an advertising rate card for Pet Pro News for Pet Professionals newsletter.

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