Frequently Asked Questions
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VetLocator was designed to be very fast to use, very simple to use and lots of information for lots of results. Here are some questions answered for how to efficiently use our site.

  • Q. I'm confused on exactly how to use your site. Can you help?

    A. Sure, glad to. Here is the scoop on using our site:
    If you need to find a new vet start with our Quick Vet Search. The easiest way is to enter your zip code and the distance you are willing to drive. The results will show all Veterinarians in our directory that fall within that distance of your zip code.
    The results page display is laid out to show Veterinarians with premium listings first, regular listings next and free listings last. The premium listings will have the most information on the Veterinarian including office hours, specialties, a picture, testimonials and much more. If the Vet has a website, there will be a link to it. From here you can call or email the vet with questions or get a map to the clinic.

    The next category of listings are our regular listings. Clicking on more info will take you to a page that displays more about the vet and their phone number and contact information.

    The last category displays the Vet's name, address and more info will give you the phone number to call. Remember that Quick Vet Search will return ONLY Veterinarians, not other pet professionals such as chiropractors, nutritionalists, etc.
    If you want a non-veterinarian search you will need to use our other two directory search features, Holisitic and Alternative or Other Pet Professionals.

  • Q. How do I use the Advanced Search feature?

    A. Our Advanced Search is great to narrow in on finding a pet professional who delivers those treatments and services that are important to you. If you have an exotic animal, want to go to a vet that specializes in Cats only, want to use a Holistic vet or one that will do phone consultations, is open on the weekends and 100s of other possible things, use our Advanced Search.

    Tips on using Advanced Search: In order to maximize your results when you use the Advanced Search feature, we suggest beginning with NO MORE THAN 1 or 2 search features (besides your zip code). Example: You want to find a vet that specializes in Cats and also has dental services in their clinic as these are most important to you. Begin with just those two. If there are too many results and you want to further narrow your search, go back tot he Advanced Search page and add other features. If you do not get enough results, go back tot he search page and either (1) increase the distance you are willing to drive or (2) lessen the number of Advanced Search features you have selected.

  • Q. When I do an advanced search some of the listing results don't show the selections I've picked. Why is that?

    A. VetLocator has three types of directory listings. Our free listings only display basic contact information for that pet professional although there may be more information about him/her in our database. If your search results show a professional, he/she has indicated that they deliver that feature or service you searched for.
    Our other two types of listings, enhanced and premium, will show all of the services and features that particular pet professional has indicated they deliver, and our premium listings also show testimonials and recommendations so you can see what results others have gotten when they visited that pet professional.

  • Q. I've performed an advanced search but get no results. Help!

    A. If your search returns no results, you may be requesting too many things at the same time or there are no pet professionals within the driving distance you specified. To handle the first situation, we recommend you limit your advanced search to one or two of your most important requests, for example you want a holistic vet for your pet as this is most important to you. If you get many results with that search, search again adding another important feature, etc. until you narrow the results down to what you want.
    The other thing you can do is increase the distance from your zip code you are willing to drive. Our system defaults to 10 miles but can go to 25. Widening your driving distance will increase your results. If you still get no results, then we do not yet have a pet professional in our directory that matches your search request. If this is the case, and you do find someone you like, please let us know so we can add them to our system. We are adding new professionals daily, but it is a very big country, so we appreciate any recommendations to include in our directory of pet professionals.

  • Q. How does your directory perform a search?

    A. Our search system works by process of elimination. Example: You want to search for a veterinarian within 10 miles of the 90210 zip code that also delivers pet nutritional counselling, dental services and acupuncture. The system would do the following:
    1. # of Vets within 10 miles of 90210 = 147
    2. # 90210 vets with acupuncture = 23
    3. # 90210, acupuncture + dental = 2
    4. #90210, acupuncture, dental + nutrition = 0

    Now there may BE more vets than that who deliver all fo those sercices, but they may not have updated their directory rectord to reflect this. This is why we suggest using just a few selection in advanced search for the best results.

  • Q. My favorite vet/pet professional is not in your directory. Why?

    A. We are not sure! We would be ver happy to invite him/her to be part of Just click HERE with as much information as you can give us along with a testimonial or nice note and we will send an invitation out right away.

  • Q. Is there a way to add a testimonial to my vet's listing?

    A. Sure. Here is what you do:
    1. Find your veterinarian's listing in our directory.
    2. Click on the -more info- link to see the full directory listing.
    3. In the upper left corner of some listings you will see a link that says Add my testimonial.
    4. Click on that and you can fill out a testimonial form that will be emailed to your favorite vet or pet professional (and they LOVE to receive these!) and they can then add the testimonial to their directory listing.
    5. If you do not see that link, it means that your pet professional does not have the type of listing that can automatically do this, but not to fear, you can still let your pet professional know just how much you appreciate his or her great works. Simply click on the link on the left side of the page that says Send A Testimonial and fill out the form with as much information as you can and we will take care of it for you, and we will let you know when we have delivered your message.

  • Q. I am not sure whether the pet professional I am looking for would be found on the Holistic and Alternative directory or the Other Pet Professionals directory. What do I do?

    A. Try starting with the Holistic and Alternative directory to get a feel for what you will find there. Since's search engine is very fast, if you have selected the wrong directory to start, you can easily click over to the Other Pet Professionals in seconds.

  • Q. Anything more I need to know?

    A. We'd suggest signing up for our newsletter Vets-n-Pets-n-Stuff. It's a great newsletter that is delivered monthly, is easy and friendly to read and always has good information you can use right away including the latest pet health news, tips, along with special offers form pet product providers especially for our readers. You can see a sample copy when you sign up. We're pretty sure you are going to like it, but if you do not, you can always unsubscribe automatically and easily.

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