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(Or why we started Locating Vets in the first place!)
Veterinarians and holistic vets can be hard to find. WWW.VETLOCATOR.COM was started by pet owners for pet owners. We've been involved in the www since 1994, and have gone through most of the web's growing pains....and survived :) We know it has become an essential resource for most people today.

After a move across country with our pets, we discovered there was no satisfying way to use the web to find a veterinarian in our new town nor could we find any of the pet health services we needed and wanted in one place. So we thought.....hmmmm, why not build an online directory to fill that void?

Our goal with VetLocator.com is to have an online directory that is well laid out, very fast, extremely easy to use and filled with the resources a pet owner needs for his pet's health.

While VetLocator.com does not sell anything directly, we strive to have the largest directory of pet professionals and pet resources anywhere, in one place on the web.

VetLocator.com is fast (our search engine is 98% faster than other, similar directories), well organized, (we've covered the spectrum of Pet Health Professionals from Veterinarians to pet sitters and everything in between), resource-rich, (our library contains over 1200 searchable resource links covering a wide range of pet health issues), and very friendly (our monthly newsletter, Vets-n-Pets-n-Stuff is full of easy to understand pet health articles, money saving offers and heart warming pet stories).

In an emergency a pet owner can find a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital within a few seconds simply by entering their zip code, read articles on life saving emergency techniques, put together a pet first aid kit, and understand what a trip to an emergency pet hospital is like.

We think we're well on our way to making VetLocator.com the best Pet Professionals and Pet Resources on the web. If you have suggestions or comments about our site, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via email at:

Thank You,
and the rest of the pet team at

PO Box 785
Clearwater, FL 33755

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