Pet Emergencies
Whether you have an emergency or just need information, you can find answers here.
If your pet is sick or injured or you sense something is wrong, what do you do? On this page we have assembled easy to use, easy to find resources that cover most of the emergencies a pet owner might encounter.

Emergency Pet Hospitals

If you need to locate an Emergency Pet Hospital, simply enter your zip code and the distance around which to search and you will see a list of emergency hospitals in your area.

Zip Code:
Don't know the zip?
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Is This An Emergency?

If you are not sure if your pet's situation is an emergency, you may want to read our article When To Get Emergency Help For your Pet. which gives a checklist of things that would indicate immediate help is needed. You can also check out our Pet First Aid Kit for suggestions on creating your own first aid kit to have on hand for those unexpected pet emergencies.

Emergency Hotline Numbers

Below are a list of Emergency Hotline Numbers with a description of each following:

  • National hotline for reporting lost pets - 1 800 Humane-1 (486-2631).
    Please note that these operators are not on-site at the shelters but will be taking reports.

  • ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center - 1-(888) 426-4435
    ($65.00 per case). The charge is billed directly to the caller's phone.

  • Animal Poison Hotline - a joint service provided by North Shore Animal League America (NSAL) and PROSAR International Animal Poison Center (IAPC).
    1-888-232-8870 ($35.00 per incident). The charge is billed to caller's credit card only. Staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • National Pesticide Telecommunications Network
    Toll free number: 800-858-7378
    Fax number: 541-737-0761
    Web site:
Service sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Oregon State University provides information about pesticide products and poisonings, toxicology, environmental chemistry, and other pesticide-related issues.

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